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Audio Visual Technicians & their role in every Calgary event

Digital audio visual consoles Calgary

Events range in size and scope from small company meetings, to weddings, government press conferences, trade show and massive stadium or outdoor concerts. Whatever the event calls for in terms of audio visual equipment rentals, it means nothing without properly trained and experienced audio visual technicians.

Audio Visual Technicians, or AV Techs for short, are the brains and boots on the ground of every event. It is their task to make sure the event is both seen and heard and presented in the most attractive, seamless way possible. AV techs tend to be hyper specialized in their fields. From live camera operators, to video switching, audio technicians, video projector operators, lighting technicians and project managers, these audio visual technicians are arranged and designated towards the specific needs and budgetary concerns of the event.

fermi audio visual calgary
Fermi Audio Visual Services in Calgary Alberta

Small events like weddings and corporate staff events can often operate with only 1-3 specialized audio visual techs, whereas massive live concerts or stadium events can have an AV staff of hundreds being managed and directed by an event director. The quality and seamlessness of the event is largely dictated by the caliber and training of the individual technicians, as well as the quality and modernity of the audio visual equipment.

Specialized AV equipment is ideally at the cutting edge of technology in sound, video and lighting. Video cameras and equipment that can generate warm, beautiful colours and tones. Rich audio systems that audiences can hear loudly, yet clearly and without auditory pain or discomfort. Lighting to make the event warm, beautiful and exciting. All tied together with cutting edge digital technology that is dependable and without latency.

Without a doubt, regardless of the nature and size of the Calgary, Alberta event, nothing is more important than the specialized audio visual technicians that manage all the technologies that make your event awesome.