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audio systems

Speakers| Subwoofers | Microphones | digital audio consoles


These multi speaker & subwoofer systems are ideal for weddings, corporate settings, small banquet halls event centres. Crisp clear audio allows guests to here voices clearly and distinctly without blowing everyone away with obnoxious volume. These small systems are great for dance floors and speeches.


Our complex line arrays are ceiling hung at precise angles for clarity, projection and zero echo. High powered sub woofer systems for large concerts, EDM shows and any large scale audio visual requirements.


Speaker and amplifier systems are more complicated than just turning the volume up. One of the most difficult aspects of setting up events properly is creating sound systems that are loud enough, while not being overbearing, and stage voices being heard clearly and concisely through the microphones without feedback.

Anyone who has every been to a poorly set up event can testify to the awfulness of screeching feedback and difficulties in hearing microphones no matter how much you turn up the volume. These problems stem from improperly equalized speakers and placement in the room and improperly set up consoles, compression, EQ, time delays and a host of other issues.

The quality and sophistication of the equipment takes a lower priority here below the importance of a proper tech team on site who are experienced in the set up and maintenance of these complex speaker systems.


The console is the brain and nervous system of any event speaker system and audio production. Modern, high end consoles have the ability and tools to eliminate bad frequency responses, feedback and ugly bass waves to create an event that sounds beautiful and warm at any volume.

These systems are able to separate voices, instruments and other sounds properly to deliver a better experience to the audience. A dance floor should thump properly. Vocals should be heard clearly, and ambient sounds should soar. A perfect scenario included sophisticated technology and a sophisticated technician to tie the whole operation together.

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