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lighting systems

sophisticated led & incandescent lights and digital lighting controllers

Lighting for any event

Led & Incandescent technology for stage and abience

Fermi AV technicians are licensed and certified to set up rigging for all events. Hung lighting and room lights. Spot lights and mechanical, moving systems, lasers and up lights for concerts, stadiums, weddings and government media events. Our LED technology is perfectly integrated with live streaming and video broadcasting.

Audio Visual Lighting Technician

Live streaming integration

Our lighting systems are integrated carefully for live broadcast and streaming

Stage & concert lighting

Powerful stage lighting to elevate any concert or big stage production

Abience & room lighting

these subtle lights warm up a room and add beauty and colour to any event

Lighting is one of the most important aspects for any event’s audio visual productions. Not only can proper lighting make it easier to see participants on stage, it can literally make the difference between ugly miss coloured skin tones and beautiful warm tones that pop on video broadcasts and live streaming. People and stage elements should become inviting to the eyes as much as sounds should be inviting to the ears. Back lighting, spot lighting, uplighting and ambient lighting are all tools to render stage and room elements as rich and natural as a Hollywood movie.

Lighting can bring colour and excitement to events like nothing else. EDM concerts are widely known for exciting and exhilarating light shows, and this is no easy task. Fermi AV audio visual technicians trained and certified to install and operate sophisticated lighting technology for huge concerts, beautiful weddings, media broadcasts and live streaming events.

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