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What is audio visual? Why is audio visual important for your event?

Quite simply, audio visual is the science and art of utilizing audio systems like microphones, lavs, speakers, subwoofers and personal sound monitors, Video systems like cameras, projectors, TVs and screens, and lighting systems to create a production for your guests that they can see, hear and feel. Complex audio visual systems often require specialized technicians that have the training and certification to utilize these systems and integrate them with each other seamlessly.

All events use audio visual systems of one kind or another. Systems as simple as a microphone and speaker, all the way up to massive stadium systems employing hundreds of lights, vaulted projector screens, and hundreds of thousands of watts of audio power. These complex systems are manually operated by technicians. Sometimes a whole team of them.

One of the biggest mistakes people often make when planning their Calgary event, is not hiring a proper audio visual team to manage and execute everything. Most people do not know how these systems work, and quickly find out why audio visual technicians are so important on the day of the event.

Problems like microphone feedback and screeching speakers. Video that cannot be seen well, if at all, and ugly lighting. All of these problems can be mitigated with the right audio visual team and modern, sophisticated audio visual systems integrated properly. Call Fermi AV today to produce your event in Calgary Alberta.