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What is audio visual?

Audio Visual, or AV for short, is the utilization of audio systems like speakers, subwoofers, microphones and monitors to amplify and/or broadcast sound like voices, music and presentations.

Video systems like cameras, TVs, Projectors and screens are utilized to display and/or broadcast live action video, and lighting systems to control how events, people, rooms and productions appear both on and off camera.

These complex systems are integrated and controlled by audio visual technicians who specialize in each area with sophisticated controllers and devices working in harmony to create a production.

Events as small as corporate meeting, church scripture studies, small house parties, to larger events like corporate events, weddings, stadium concerts and outdoor festivals. Every one of these productions utilizes audio visual systems to tie everything together properly.

…How do you figure out something so complicated?

Technicians at Fermi Audio Visual Calgary are certified and licensed in their individual fields to utilize modern technology in Audio systems, video system, lighting systems, and even live streaming services. Complex systems require educated and trained technicians to control.

Have you ever been to a big stadium rock or EDM concert and just been blown away by the lighting, video and sound? These elements are brought together through the use of modern sophisticated technologies and licensed technicians who specialize in their fields. All that beautiful bass you feel in your chest. The crazy lighting scenes that warm you up inside, and the crisp video of the performers on stage are managed and controlled by audio visual technicians who specialize in audio systems, video systems and lighting systems. Systems that must remain at the cutting edge of technology as technology moves faster than it ever has.

Calgary audio visual services

Fermi Audio Visual utilizes modern, sophisticated technology in speaker systems, microphones, lighting and 4K video to bring your event to live. Creating vivid rich colours and powerful, ear pleasing sounds for your guests, our technicians integrate these systems and ensure your production is beautiful to eyes and the ears.

audio visual services in calgary

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